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presentation after sevice

By John L. on May 10, 2018

Moline,IL | Service Department

Pondered over this ,but thought it may help you. As you know I brought my Harley Davidson in for 2 new tires mounted and balanced, oil and filter change and a small but important jiffy stand spring. I could have had it done for less , but I thought to leave it to pros and $730.00 was the total . Everything was fine until I got home and noticed the oily hand smear on the saddle and the scuff where the tech had drug is heel dismounting. I didn't catch it at the store as I approached the bike from the right side and draped my jacket over the seat while preparing to leave . No big loss as it will clean and other mars will find their way onto the machine. Just a thought to have someone do a quick look over and carry a clean cloth. This probably will not prevent me from returning , and I do own three bikes.. Have a great weekend.. John Lowery